Our World

HIKINI is a project that works together with established and emerging designers on international market, in favor of non-profit organizations and foundations of Latin America.

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.

- Ralp Lauren

Stunning Events

HIKINI PROJECT organizes unique, exclusive and unrepeatable events fundraising events for organizations and foundations, where attendees acquire products from outstanding Venezuelan and international brands, as well as emerging designs of uniqueness and dashing, creating an ideal environment for the meeting of the design destined to a high-end target, pointing to a luxury market, based on the ambience of the brand directors.

Hanging clothes backstage

International Design

  • Exclusiveness
  • Trendy
  • Fashion-foward
  • Art

Brands have found in HIKINI PROJECT a boost to project their products in the US, where the attendees of the events acquire the products, while they know in detail the projects developed by company.

Important designers with an important trajectory that have managed a remarkable position on Fashion Industry will be the ideal complement in each event.

HIKINI PROJECT has a curator who evaluates the designs to be presented at each event, offering the best products.

Fundraising Help

Charity events organized by HIKINI PROJECT have peerless prestige, where the venues are adapted to a fancied group of attendees, who besides knowing the projects of the company enjoy an unforgettable event.

Dinners on a yacht, art gallery exhibitions or high-profile dinners and soirées are some of the events organized to help non-profit organizations like Help2gether Foundation, organization that was born as part of HIKINI PROJECT, aiming to help institutions and people with a project for the community benefit.